This short but interesting video is at first just funny, but then makes an important point about how quickly movements can gather pace. Important when we are feeling like we are still that lone voice in the wilderness! I’ve been reading about systems theory this week (how systems behave, sometimes in unexpected ways) and this is a fine example of a reinforcing feedback loop. The more that joins the movement, quicker the change occurs. Stay with it, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it all happens at the end. Just substitute the dancing for ‘global environmental sanity’…

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3 Responses to “Leadership lessons from dancing guy”

  1. Personally I’m waiting for the long-promised sequel, ‘Dancing Lessons From Leadership Guy’…

  2. Aranya says:

    D’you fancy being in it?

  3. [...] hope that I can inspire. A beautiful and very funny video that demonstrates this, was posted on a blog by my permaculture teacher, Aranya. In the video, a man at a festival is doing a very funky dance [...]

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